Cutting Tools

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Light Duty Rulers

Made of heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum. Features curved finger guard to protect hands & fingers from blades. Stainless steel edge makes it perfect for arts, crafts, model making & hobbyists. Available in 6 sizes

Duroedge Heavy Duty Safety Ruler

Made of heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum. Features a tall hand guard for sturdy grip and maximum protection. Heavy design specially made for signing, graphics, heavy arts & crafts projects, model making and various industrial uses.

Cutting Mats

Self-healing cutting mat made from highly durable 3-Ply PVC material. Features a painted grid for accurate cuts, translucent material make it an ideal cutting mat for use with tracing tables and lights. Available in 4 sizes: 12"x9", 18"x12", 24"x18" & 36"x24"